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Monday, January 7, 2013

Facebook Now Days

Ughh facebook now is an buch of pictures saying "like if you care" and buch of bullshit. I'm tired of seeing them pictures all up in my news feed.
Facebook is also becoming an datinq site. Some people on facebook I didn't know till they begain inboxinq me and stuff. And so many people are datinq over facebook. Ill say that facebook is the number one datinq site forget
Facebook get people in troble. Why cause stupid people post every thanq their doinq

Don said "I'm over my girlfriend best friend house #yolo"
First off I'm pretty sure your girlfriend is goinq to see it and I hope she's not black or your ass is grass.

Kesha said "omg my boyfriend is not the father of my child I hope he won't notice"
Smh why? Never mind no comment

Waka bird gang chris said "we bout to go and rob pnc bank on walford #turnUp"
no nigga what you need to do is turn down facebook.

Kayla pretty girl badd said "just made the cast 16 and pregnant #yolo"
Yolo my behide.

Facebook names... oh lawd them ghetto ass  facebook names

1. Jerome (OnDatBeat) Watson

2. NeNe (DoiniItBig) Williams

3. TayTay SheDaStuff Smith

4. NuNu GaDatDoughFaReAL*<3 Johnson

5. Trevon SlayinDemHatas Phillips

6. Micheal YouCantGetMeDownaAllYallHatas Jackson

7. Tiffany MizzPrincessWatson

8. Sam DroppinDatBeatLikeItzHott Griffin

9. Lataysha OnlyOneInDaWorldLikeMeSoStopHatin King

10. Jaquan “Quan Quan” YoungKiiDD Jones

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