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Monday, September 3, 2012

4 top things not to do to other people like me unless you wanna get punched

1) Lying on me in front of my face

Some people got the nerve to lie on me while I’m right there. That’s the worst thing to me because you will get PUNCHED.

2) effin with my stuff

   I absolutely hate when people come in my room and touching with stuff breaking it and other things. Don’t be cray and do that because you will get PUNCHED point blank.

3) Talking about nothing

Man I hate when people gone to decide to talk to me and it’s about nothing and you keep on talkin and talkin than  when I say something about it you wanna get mad. watcha mad fo I’m the one that gotta to listen to the bs. Please don’t get punched.

4) askin dumb questions

When you ask a dumb question your gonna get a dumb answer PEROID. So don’t get mad or your gonna get punched OKAY.

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