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Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Is Juice A Good Film

 My favorite movie juice is such a good film because its starring the person I admire the most Tupac Shakur, it tells a story about 4 black young men growing up in the Bronx, theres a really important message that you can get out of it.
Tupuc Shakur is one of the cast members for the 1992 movie juice. Tupac is an amazing rapper and an incredible actor. Tupac character in juice as Roland Bishop he was a psychotic, insecure, very violent, very short tempered individual. He played this part excellent.
This movie can relate with young men that come to face with struggles daily. Such as harassment, the police and family. Some people can compare their life with the characters in the movie. And can see what they’re going though and relate with that with their community, their peers and their self.
Thiers a message that’s in the movie “You never know what's going on in somebody's mind. There are a lot of things that add up. There's a lot of pressure on someone growing up. You have to watch it if it goes unchecked. This movie was an example of what can happen...In the movie my characters, father was a prison whore and that was something that drove him through the whole movie [this aspect was deleted]. It just wrecked his mind. You can see through everybody else's personality, Bishop just wanted to get respect. He wanted the respect that his father didn't get. Everthing he did, he did just to get a rep. So from those problems never being dealt with led to him ending four people's lives” –Tupac Shakur
I would recommend this movie to people like me who love American crime drama and a good action movie.

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