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Monday, September 10, 2012


Tomorrow is 9-11. A every sad day for Americans. I will like to honer every one that had a love one killed in that tragic event. I know that this is a every serious matter but people like me always got to make a joke, Soooooooo this are some things im going to do tomorrow.

Im going to say the pledge
Have a moment of silence  
Every arab i see im going to ask "any thing big planed for today?"
Heres a list of movies imma rent 
Soul Plane 
Snakes on A Plane
Pearl Harbor
blue tornado
Hot Shots!
Executive Decision
Battle of Britain
Wing Commander
Falling from the Sky: Flight 174
Into the Sun
Top Gun 
Red Tails
When 9/11 happen I was just little and I didnt understand wtf was going on. I heard the teachers talking but I didnt think nothing of it. To be honest i just recently found out what 9/11 was what i did after words I learn I could get arrested for reacting 9/11 with a paper tower and a paper airplane. Anyways when I found out what was 9/11 the things that was going in my mind was thats why my aunt changed my doctor, I always never trust people i don't understand, and where was King Kong when this happen?

Good Things About The WTC Attack

10. There are now 18 fewer Arab taxi drivers terrorizing the streets.
9. Flight training schools proved that they are expensive but worth it.
8. People are learning how to spell “Afghanistan” correctly.
7. Plenty of parking available at airports now.
6. Jerry Springer Show was off the air for a whole week.
5. Sales for U.S. flags are way up.
4. Several new job openings now at NYPD and NYFD.
3. Much lower electric bills for Manhattan.
2. Home videos of the WTC attack more spectacular than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last
5 movies.
And the number one …
1. Some great new unobstructed views of Manhattan now.

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