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Monday, September 17, 2012

J Cole and Diggy beef?

I was on an website called Hip Hop Early and Diggy got a new song called Fall down a  J cole diss.
I had to google this beef ASAP what I read blew me. Than i listen to Diggy song and listen to the lyrics, I couldn't stop LAUGHING that shidd was funny as'f! but read and listen for yourself CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED

 Forreal Diggy l I think this beef should be cooked (Ha get it cooked) J cole should not responed back if he do thats petty. Yes did dog him and I bet when j cole heard it he was on taylor swift mode at the VMAS (Ha get it? when kayne stop her when she was bout to do her speech that was funny) but diggy is a minor and he's a grown man you know. Im on diggy side doe

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