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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lupe Fiasco Bitch Bad:There meaning my Understanding

Bitch Bad Lyrics by Lupe Fiasco
I say bitch bad, woman good, lady better
Hey, hey, hey, hey

[Verse 1]
Now imagine there's a shawty, maybe five maybe four
Ridin' 'round with his mama listening to the radio
And a song comes on and a not far off from being born
Doesn't know the difference between right and wrong
Now I ain't trying to make it too complex
But let's just say shawty has an undeveloped context
About the perception of women these days
His mama sings along and this what she says
"niggas I'm a bad bitch, and I'm bad bitch
Far above average"
And maybe other rhyming words like cabbage and savage
And baby carriage and other things that match it
Couple of things that are happenin' here
First he's relatin' the word "bitch" with his mama, comma
And because she's relatin' to herself, his most important source of help, and mental health, he may skew respect for dishonor

Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
(I'm killin' these bitches)
Uh, tell 'em
Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
They misunderstood
(I'm killin' these bitches)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, now imagine a group of little girls nine through twelve
On the internet watchin' videos listenin' to songs by themselves
It doesn't really matter if they have parental clearance
They understand the internet better than their parents
Now being the interent, the content's probably uncensored
They're young, so they're maleable and probably unmentored
A complicated combination, maybe with no relevance
Until that intelligence meets their favorite singer's preference
"bad bitches, bad bitches, bad bitches
That's all I want and all I like in life is bad bitches, bad bitches"
Now let's say that they less concerned with him
And more with the video girl acquiescent to his whims
Ah, the plot thickens
High heels, long hair, fat booty, slim
Reality check, I'm not trippin'
They don't see a paid actress, just what makes a bad bitch


[Verse 3]
Disclaimer: this rhymer, lupe's not usin' bitch as a lesson
But as a psychological weapon
To set in your mind and really mess with your conceptions
Discretions, reflections, it's clever misdirection
Cause, while I was rappin' they was growin' up fast
Nobody stepped in to ever slow 'em up, gasp
Sure enough, in this little world
The little boy meets one of those little girls
And he thinks she a bad bitch and she thinks she a bad bitch
He thinks disrespectfully, she thinks of that sexually
She got the wrong idea, he don't wanna fuck her
He thinks she's bad at being a bitch like his mother
Momma never dress like that, come out the house, hot mess like that
Ass, titties, dress like that
All out to impress like that
Just like that, you see the fruit of the confusion
He caught in a reality, she caught in an illusion
Bad mean good to her, she really nice and smart
But bad mean bad to him, bitch don't play your part
But bitch still bad to her if you say it the wrong way
But she think she a bitch, what a double entendre


Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood
You're misunderstood
Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, greatest motherhood
(I'm killin' these bitches)

There meaning

Lupe is against the use of the word “bitch” as it is very demeaning to women. Therefore he says that by using the words “woman” or “lady” it is a much more respectful and correct way to address women
Lupe made much the same point on the the song “Hurt Me Soul” (which was on his first album Food & Liquor) in which he also mentions that he didn’t like the word “bitch A hypothesis of his equation: bitch = subhuman; woman = simply human; lady = above humanThe kid is young.
He can’t understand right from wrong, let alone the words in the coded words in the song his mom is listening to on the radio.
The kid’s understanding of women is evolving. Listening to his mom sing “I’m a bad bitch” is going to make him act weird This may be a reference to Webbie’s song “Bad Bitch” where he uses the rhymes “bad bitch,” “average,” and “savage” in the first verse
Since the child hears his mother calling herself a bitch, the child will begin to put two-and-two together and think of his/her mother as a bitch Since his mom (in this case a single parent) is calling herself a bitch, her son won’t question it and accept this as a fact. He’ll think “My mom’s a bitch”
 Now that this boy has a misunderstanding view of women because of the perverse lyrics of popular songs, his whole understanding of good and bad/respect and dishonor is now skewed. Since his mom was happy to call herself a bad bitch he now considers that a positive term. *bitch bad woman good lady better.* 
 MEN:Calling a girl a bitch is bad, but calling her a woman is good. However, if you want brownie points, call her a lady
On the other side of the coin, Lupe is telling women what they should aspire to be. You shouldn’t want to be a bad bitch, you should want people to see you as a woman or a lady
Lupe might be also playing with “misunderstood”, as it could be seen as “Ms. Understood”
The word ‘they’ could be used to describe women as a whole or our society but that isn't important. What he wants to show to us is that because of media we don't understand that being a bitch has a negative connotation and that being a woman or a lady is highly looked upon as compared to a bitch.
Teach the children how bitch is bad, woman is good, but being a lady is better, and that their current mindset is wrong

Young people have such easy access to the internet now that it has become almost an everyday need for them. Many little girls now have the capability to watch uncensored video’s and listen to uncensored music by themselves, without any parental supervision. Because of this, many little girls try to imitate what they hear and see on the internet, thus becoming a ‘bad bitch’ The girls are looking at videos that they should probably get their parents to watch first Young kids are impressionable and lots of them do not have role model figures in their lives to help guide them Many young women now-a-days are malleable and unmentored, confused on how they want to present themselves to the world. These young women are easy to manipulate and mold because they just want to fit in with what is ‘cool’ and will make them feel good about themselves. So when these girls see the Trey Songz and Chris Brown’s of the world surrounded by “bad bitches” in their videos they develop a crush on the artist and mold themselves after those girls The girls aren’t really paying attention to the star of the video, but to the models that are there to fulfill his fantasies. As such, they start to idolize the vixens and try to follow them.This little girl, now idolizing the actress with these unrealistic qualities, is probably going to think about herself in a negative light because she doesn’t have the same physical traits as the woman in the music video
But Lupe points out things that may be artificially altered in order to enhance beauty:
  • High heels to seem taller, increase sex appeal
  • Extensions or a weave for longer hair
  • Silicone implants to bulk up DAT ASS
  • Liposuction or diet pills in order to stay thin
  • Lupe is pointing out the reality of the previous line- that the girls in the videos don’t represent everyday women.Lupe comments on the smoke and mirrors of the entertainment industry. To these girls, these professionals live their lives this way. They don’t realize what they aspire to live like is just an act. But at their young age these girls can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy, and are therefore idolizing something based on a lie.
  • VERSE 3
Lupe states upfront that this song and all the uses of “bitch” are not being used to try to teach kids to use the word “bitch”, but rather he is using it in a reverse psychological way.He is fighting the rap/hip-hop norms with this song by using the word “bitch” satirically to fight against everyone who is promoting the “bitch” stereotype.The small things are what can influence young people and their decisions — things such as what words artists choose to use in their songs can change someone so young’s views.In verse one and two, the characters in the story were children. By the time the third verse comes around, they’re older, and they meet. So as he was rapping, they literally grew up fast — mentally & physically.A clever car metaphor: “nobody stepped in to ever slow ‘em up”(as in, stepping on the brake). These kids don’t have mentors/role models to help these kids grow up “properly”. Instead, they are only influenced by their environment which encourages them to grew up fast (see previous line)
…“Fast” like you’re stepping on the “GASp” (Lupe says “gasp” like “gas” but with a p")The word “bitch” is indoctrinated(accept belive) into the minds of young kids and little boys start believing that every girl is a “bitch” and soon enough little girls start believing that they really are bitches
This sets the scene for the encounter between the guy from the first verse and the girl from the second verse. Lupe is saying that because the boy in verse one has a skewed perception of respect for women through his connection of his mother with the word bitch, he views this girl disrespectfully *she is disrespectful
He believes she’s a bad bitch in the sense that she’s bad at being a bitch in his mind. His conception of a bitch is his mother and this girl doesn’t quite match up to his expectations of a “bitch” so that’s why he calls her a bad bitch using bad’s real definition    *it isn’t so clear how Bad Bitch got to be a term of DISrespect for a boy whose mama defined herself (at least in a kid’s eyes) as a bad bitch. You’d think it would be a sign of respect— which to her would still be confusing, because interpreted as a sexual, come-on term. The visual, though, indicates the young guy is critical of her. Maybe that’s why Lupe says he THINKS of her disrespectfully— not that he calls her “bad bitch,” a term for “good (mama) woman” 
She views herself sexually because she is trying to reach the standard set by the music video actress
She thinks he just wants to fuck because she’s a “bad bitch”, wearing clothes that are just plain degrading. He really thinks : no bitch that aint cute. While riding in the car with his mom, the boy from verse one begins to associate the word “bitch” with his mom and motherly figures. To him, “bitches” are loving, caring, and strong women. Seeing as though this girl dresses slutty and without respect for herself, she is bad at being a “bitch”. His mom was a better “bitch” in his mind. The boy from verse one is reminiscing about his mom, a respectable woman, but still a “bitch”. However, this girl he sees doesn’t dress like she needs to be respected.Because of the way the word “bitch” is used soo frequently in music, girls start thinking that they need to fit the bitch stereotype of loose sexual desire clothing and they are confused about how they should look/behave but it’s all really just an illusion created by misogynistic music. On the other hand, the guy understands what the word actually meansIn the previous lines, Lupe states the boy relates the word “bitch” with his mother. When the girl calls herself a “bad bitch” he takes it as a bad thing instead of good thing the way she does. She is bad at being a bitch in his mind, because she doesn’t act, dress, or perform the way his mother does.
This woman tends to hold the word Lupe is talking about to double standards: if someone says it in the wrong way to her, she is offended; however, when she says it, she means it in a positive way, because that’s what she was exposed to as a child.
The most important part of being a mother is being a proper role model for your children in every way, which the mother from the first verse failed to do, and influenced her son in the wrong direction simply by singing song lyrics  

My Understanding 
Lupe uses this song basically to kill the word “b”. He uses examples that we can understand and relate to. As in the lyrics the little boy hearing his mom sing to the lyrics about being a bad b. His definition of a bad b relate to his mama a strong, warm loving, kind woman.
The little girl watching the video, start to admire the video girl. The rapper says “all he wants is bad b bitches”. She thinks the way the video girl is acting like bad b.  So she wants to be just like her. I think she thinks this because she has no positive female role model.
When the boy meets the girl she thinks she a bad b like the video girl. The boy thinks she’s bad at being a b period. She thinking he want to the grown. He tells her what it is how that shit aint cute. 
In this song Lupe really gets his point across. What I got out of its is either way you use bitch its people take it the wrong way. Its disrespectful and shouldn’t be used to address a woman. PERIOD. Truthfully its one of my favorite songs by him.

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