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Monday, October 22, 2012

You Need Yuh A$$ Beat

I was watchin All Star Comedy watever. And this dude named Tony Roberts did this thing called you need yur ass beat..... Soooooooooooo I was like this would make an good blog.

-you in an a wheel chair and yur shoes dirty
-this is yur 6th year in high school
-yu rob the the store and yu forget to get the money
-you at the the bus stop and wearing a fur coat
-yu slap yur mamma on Dr.Phill
-yu stick ur hand in a shark mouth
if yu Rihanna and you go back with someone that kick yur ass (he must of beat the sense outta her so she need her ass beat)
-you breast feeding and striping at the same time
yeah yu need yuh ass beat

you goin to jail after yu get yuh ass beat
no commet yu just need yur ass beat
you think this cute

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